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Strands Across Time: Historic Southwestern Textiles


Strands Across Time: Historic Southwestern Textiles

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Objects of Art Shows


2023-08-10 - 2023-08-20

Strands Across Time: Historic Southwestern Textiles is a special exhibit curated by L. Bruce Weekley, Paul R. Secord (catalog author), and Marjorie A. Chan, providing a fresh perspective focused on the manufacture and use of historic textiles in the American Southwest. This exhibit examines textiles from the 17th through 20th centuries to demonstrate the diverse weaving techniques and beautiful design variations that permeated the indigenous cultures. Impressive examples of wearing blankets, mantas, shirts, jergas (utilitarian fabrics), and saddle blankets of this exhibit show the artistry of plain, twill, and diagonal twill patterns in both cotton and wool fibers. The Strands Across Time exhibit will highlight textiles of the Diné (Navajo), Pueblo, and Hispanic traditions, capturing the evolution of garments and their influences, although textiles used for ceremonial purposes are not included here. The exhibit and accompanying catalog will showcase both unique elaborate and classic yet understated examples of weaving, with an eye towards new innovations of the future. EXHIBIT HOURS: Aug. 10, (6 – 9pm), August 11–13 (11am – 5pm), August 14–16 (11am – 3pm), August 17 (6 – 9pm), August 18–20 (11am – 6pm). Entrance included with Objects of Art show admission

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